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Personal, social and emotional development Communication, language and literacy Mathematical development
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Show care and concern for self, others, and for living things Keeping warm - ourselves, babies, old people and animals

(books, role play equipment)

Build up vocabulary Winter words - icy, cold, freezing etc.


Willingly attempt to count

Recognise some numerals

'Snowman's buttons' worksheet
Talk freely about home and community Enjoying staying inside in winter Begin to use more complex sentences Talking about the seasons - wintertime and celebrations Use mathematical language in play 'Snowman's Buttons' matching game
Express needs and feelings

Dress and undress independently

Feeling hot, cold.

Putting on hats, coats and gloves

Enjoy books

Handle books carefully

Know information can be relayed in the form of print

Story time - The Snowman, Percy the Park keeper, Christmas Story, and information books about winter.

(books and tapes)

Show an interest in shape and space 'Winter' jigsaws
Have an awareness of and show interest in and enjoyment of cultural differences Explore celebrations -

Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Jewish celebrations - Chanuka

(Books, decorations, artefacts)

Understanding the concept of a word.

Listening to rhyming sounds

Reading winter poems

'Snow stomping'

'Poor Old Snowman'

Use some number names Advent calendar

Dot to dot sheets - stars, christmas trees

Understand what is right and what is wrong, and why. Talk about giving presents and think about less fortunate children Develop hand/eye co-ordination.

Begin to use anticlockwise movement

Tracing snowmen shapes

Drawing snowflakes

Pictures of hats, gloves, scarves and wellys

(tracing cards)

Count actions Count footsteps in the snow
    Develop correct pencil control Activity sheets - winter

'I've lost my scarf and hat'

Sorting into sets of two Sorting pairs of socks

Sorting pairs of gloves

    Begin to make patterns through ordering and sequencing Complete jigsaws with winter pictures Sorting using size as the criteria - big, small Sorting hats, clothes etc.
        Developing mathematical language Wrapping 'presents' using different sized books
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Knowledge and understanding of the world Physical development Creative development
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Ask questions and develop ideas

Show awareness of change

Investigating light sources - torches, reflectors etc.

Exploring seasonal changes, autumn - winter

(books, go for a walk)

Move freely, with confidence Outdoor play - keeping warm - jumping up and down, running on the spot, skipping etc. Use available resources to support role play Role play with winter clothes, blankets etc.
Investigating how heat changes materials (food) Baking - hot food to keep us warm, Star Biscuits Construct with large materials

Construct with big bricks

Construct with small bricks

Modelling with large boxes, tubes

Making 'buildings'

Experiment to create different textures Frost patterns, stencils, sponge painting and glitter
Environment - geography

Ask questions about where we live, and the natural world

Describe features of 'materials'

Walks - around the school, to the park

Watch snow melt

Examine materials which keep us warm

Show awareness of own needs Dressing dolls in warm clothes

Putting on coats, hats and gloves

Use ideas to explore shape and form

Work creatively on a small scale


Christmas decorations

Christmas cards

Party hats

Show an interest in the world Discuss hibernation


Manipulate objects with control Small world play - farm, zoo - put animals into buildings, shelters Explore texture and colour Christmas tree collage

Snowmen pictures - using material, paint, glitter

Develop an awareness of culture Christmas and Festivals


Show awareness of healthy living Baking - soups, curries, hot toast Choose particular colours for purpose 'Warm' colour pictures - glowing log fires, brightly lit houses
History - show an awareness of the past and the present Christmas in the past

(books and photos)

Show awareness of need to look after own body Exercise inside (P.E.)

Walking outside

Imitate sounds

Create response to music

Music and dance - learn seasonal songs, experiment with sounds (instruments) to represent weather - hail, wind, rain
Using tools and techniques Make a sledge using various materials

(boxes, tubes, string and balsa wood)

ICT - show an interest in ICT Switching torches on/off

Putting cassette tapes in a cassette player - pressing 'Play', 'Rewind', Stop'


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