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under5s - counting activities
The following activities can be printed off and copied for use in your early years setting or, for parents, at home.

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Activity Format Description Learning Goal 
Counting #1 Count mice,cheese and snails Counting 1 to 5
Counting #2 Count mice,cheese and snails Counting 1 to 5
One Apple

Two Bananas

Three Pumpkins

Four Grapefruit

Five Strawberries

Six Carrots

Seven Pears

Eight Ice Creams

Nine Lemons

Ten Bunches of Grapes

Count the food items and then colour them in. Large pictures for little people. Counting 1 to 10
! There are all sorts of every day items that you can use to promote counting - How many seconds does it take for the green man to appear at the pelican crossing ? How many red cars can you see ? How many people are in tghe room ? How many birds are in the tree ? How many toys are in the box ? etc.

under5s - counting activities
home > counting activities