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under5s - alphabet activities
The following activities can be printed off and copied for use in your early years setting or, for parents, at home.

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Activity Format Description Learning Goal 
Phonic Alphabet
a - apple
b - bee
c - cat
d - dog
e - elephant
f - frog
g - goat
h - horse
i - insect
j - jellyfish
k - kangaroo
l - lion
m - mouse
n - nest
o - octopus
p - panda
q - queen
r - rocket
s - squirrel
t - tiger
u - umbrella
v - violin
w - whale
x - as in box
y - yacht
z - zebra
Tracing letters in a cursive font

Big lower-case letters for little hands to trace round

All these activities are photocopiable

If you don't want to use ours, create your own with a highlighter pen. Use the highlighter pen to create the shape of a letter and then let the children trace around the shape.


Pencil control
Letter recognition
Letter formation
A to Z - Download all 26 letters in one file by clicking here

under5s - alphabet activities
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