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Welcome to the Valentine's Day page
Apparently the modern concept of St. Valentine's Day has little connection with the two Saints called Valentine martyred in 3rd Century Rome, except that their feast days were celebrated on February 14th. (which seems a pretty strong connection to me)

It is thought that the tradition of exchanging  a token of love arose out of a 14th Century French and English custom, by which the youth of the day drew names from a box called a valentine. The person who's name was drawn would be the 'valentine' of the person who picked it. A latter day lucky dip of love !!
(source Comptons Encyclopedia)

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Suggested Books for Valentine's Day
Super-Fine Valentine
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Crafts for Valentine's Day
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Some pictures to colour 
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A 3 Dimensional Valentine's Card/Gift to make
What you will need
  • 2 pieces of red A4 sized paper
  • Heart shape pattern, click here
  • Dried uncooked rice
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Gold pen
What to do
  • Print off the heart shape pattern
  • Draw one heart shape on each piece of paper
  • Cut out the two hearts
  • Match the two hearts up symmetrically
  • Write a message to the one you love on one side of the paper heart
  • Glue around the lower edge of one paper heart
  • Stick the two paper hearts togther leaving an opening at the top
  • Fill with rice
  • Seal the top
Other suggestions
  • Fill the hearts with screwed up pieces of paper or strands of wool instead of rice
  • Fill the hearts with sweets as a special valentines gift
  • Make smaller hearts and hang them from a large twig to make a 'Tree of Love'


Help Harry Heart to complete these fun valentine's activity and practice sheets
Help Harry Heart to complete this selection of Valentine's themed activity and practice sheets. They are all in pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open them. 

More pictures to colour
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Here is another great site with lots of things to do for Valentine's Day


under5s - valentine's day
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