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What is a topic web ?

A topic web shows a range of activities linked to a specific theme for each of the 6 areas of learning (curriculum areas). They can be used as medium term planning for the Foundation Stage.

Two types of topic web

Most of the topic webs are available as HTML files which load directly into your web browser. The old style topic webs in turn link to a black and white version which you can print off.

The new topic webs are available as both HTML and PDF files, the latter give better print resolutions. The PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this software it can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site. To access this, click on the button below. 

Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader can be configured to launch from within your browser (Internet Explorer), once the file has downloaded you will need to click on the back button on your browser bar to return to the under5s site.

New style topic webs

The new topic webs have been revised to include not only activity ideas relating to the theme but also,  which of the early learning goals the activities specifically relate to. 

The PDF topic webs are comprised of two A4 pages which can be printed off and sellotaped together to form an A3 topic web covering all 6 areas of learning.

The very latest topic web 'Wheels' has been completely re-designed using a format suggested to us. This forms 3 A4 pages but, we think, integrates the learning areas more closely with the topic. Let us know what you think.

New Style Topic Webs
Colours Winter and Christmas
Homes and Shops Buildings

Old Style Topic Webs 
Homes Spring
Shape Old, New and Growing

under5s - topic webs
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