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The snow is melting, the days are getting brighter and longer and flowers are begining to push their way up to the surface... it must be spring !! 

Yes spring is on its way, click here for some daffodils to colour.

Spring Flowers
Go outside into the garden or take a walk to the park to see the snowdrops and crocuses. Let the children look at the green shoots of the daffodils and other plants, if you have a garden you could chart their progress until they flower. (If you don't have a garden you could buy an indoor planter from the local garden centre)

We have collected 5 pictures of spring flowers and blossom for you to print out and display. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view this pdf file, it is quite big (348k)  so we recommend that you right click on the link and select 'Save Target As', this will let you save the file to your local computer, then you can open it when you are offline Spring Flowers.
Whilst you are in the garden or at the park take a close look at the branches of the trees, can you see the buds of the new leaves ?

These buds will slowly develop and bloom, sprouting new leaves across the whole tree. We have arranged a sequence of 3 pictures to show this.  Again it is a large pdf file (208k) so we recommend that you follow the 'Save Target As' instructions above. Don't forget to explain why some trees do not lose their leaves at all. Trees

TEACHERS - Take a look at our Under5s Spring Early Years Foundation Stage Planning. This individual pack includes :- 
1 Medium Term Plan, 8 Focus Plans - Counting Seeds, Seeds in Containers, Spring Walk, Investigate Growth, Spring Pictures, Seeds and Bulbs, Using Garden Tools Safely, Sequence Activity 

Plus a selection of focus specific pictures to print off and laminate. Use to enhance displays or as a teaching aid. 

A copy of the Under5s Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage, as well as a copy of the instructions on how to use the planning. 

The birth of life
Spring sees the fields full of baby lambs, as the cycle of life gets into full swing. This is the season for mother nature to replenish the natural world. Animals give birth, birds build nests and insects pollenate plants.

Below you will find some images of nature to print out and colour in, these all load straight into your browser window, so you can click on them now !!

Animal Families
What do you call a baby horse - a foal of course. Click here to download a Horse and Foal and a Sheep and Lamb to laminate and display - Animal Families (Its a pdf so you will need Acrobat Reader)
or match the mothers to the babies in this pdf activity sheet.

mothers and babies

The life cycle of the butterfly always makes a great topic for spring. Caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly, and our 5 Little Caterpillars rhyme and there you have it.

As an added extra we have also sequenced the life cycle in photographs, again use the 'Save As Target' instructions to download this file, it's quite big (356k).

Butterfly Lifecycle

under5s - spring
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