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under5s - printing
a) Hand prints

Children dip their hands into paint to make hand prints on paper

b) Footprints

Draw round feet, then let children cut out and paint.

OR use bare feet - step on sponge, then on paper.

c) Junk printing

Using anything which makes a mark e.g. small cartons and packets

(cut down if necessary) using variety of shapes and sizes, rough end of stick,

half brussel sprout etc.

d) Dab printing

Use square grease proof paper (6") screwed up.

e) Block printing

Use cotton reels or a 6" square flat piece of wood, with a short piece of dowel rod screwed to the centre, to act as the handle.

An adult can then stick small objects to the underside of this, or to the end of  the cotton reel, e.g. nails, hair pins, paper clips, buttons or pieces of string in different shapes etc.

Dip in paint and then press onto paper.

f) "Bubble" prints

Fill margarine tubs with water, paint and some washing-up liquid. Blow into the tub with a straw while holding the paper over the top.

g) D'oyley prints

Using pieces of sponge or old shaving brushes, paint over the top of the d'oyleys

h) Sponge printing

Use small pieces sponge cut into different shapes e.g. to match a topic theme.

i) Leaf prints

Stick leaves of different shapes to paper. Child covers the whole of the paper with paint using a sponge. Then carefully remove leaves.

j) Potato printing

Potato can be cut in half and teacher can cut simple 'Picture' on end (boat, house) or pattern.

OR Can be cut into small 'chips' and use these to print patterns/pictures.

Can also use carrot, turnip, horseradish, cork etc.

k) Printing using clay and washable ink

Roll firm clay out into flat piece. Mark all over e.g. with wooden clothes peg. Brush over white surface with washable ink and take a print from this.

under5s - printing
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