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under5s - pros and cons of childminding
Are you a “Stay at home Mum” or are you struggling to manage your career and raise your children? Perhaps now is the time to consider a new vocation in life and become a Registered Childminder caring for children within your own home.

Like any career there are obviously pro’s and con’s, whatever job we do there are reasons why we enjoy it and some days we just want to quit, but I have got together with a few of my fellow childminders around the county to think about the advantages and disadvantages of being a Childminder in today’s society.

  • The childminders income is not huge, and it can be unreliable, but it can be more than that of a pre-school supervisor.  Parents do not always pay on time. They try to take advantage of you by arriving late or early. You might not get paid for holidays, unless you negotiate it, and it is almost impossible to ask for a raise! 
  • However you are rewarded emotionally everyday with smiles, hugs, special pictures and first achievements from the children! Who would want to miss out on that?
  • Your home, car and possessions may not necessarily be treated in the way you deem fit. There is obviously extra wear and tear, toys can get broken and accidents can happen. Your car insurance may go up, as you need class one business insurance, if you are taking children out in your car, but your home insurance may come down, as you are more likely to be around the home during the day.
  • Your own children may find it difficult to share - you and their possessions, but it does mean that you are always there for them; and by offering them special moments and encouraging them, they can learn that by caring for other children at home they get more family time.
  • Your children may learn unwanted behaviour, and may be limited to the number of friends they have home from school, due to the number of children you are able to look after at anyone time. But your children will make a range of new friends of different age groups, be introduced to situations and experiences that they might not otherwise encounter, learn how to care for each other and interact, which in turn helps them develop into caring and thoughtful people.
  • You are your own boss. You plan how to manage your time, you can attend those special events in your child’s life maybe with one or two children along too. You can decide what hours you work, when you are having time off, and you do not have to pay someone else to look after your children.
  • Childminding is no longer just a short-term option for parents of under fives. There are opportunities to gain professionally recognised qualifications, some of which could be funded by your local Early Years Unit. 
  • You can further your career by joining a Childminding network; where you are given support and the incentive to work towards higher standard and become eligible for a Nursery Funding Grant; but at the end of the day some parents will still just treat you as a childminder.
  • You will become a walking encyclopaedia on children. Their welfare, their achievements and goals. You will know what is wrong with a child before the Doctor diagnoses it. You can advise Santa on the special gifts for Christmas, but your knowledge can be abused when parents turn up on your days off as you normally can solve the problem.
  • This wealth of knowledge and the children you work with can heklp you meet a wonderful group of supportive friends.
  • As a childminder you can offer something no one else can – continuity of care, you care for a baby, see the first steps of a toddler, hear her first words, pick him up after her first day at school, watch her blossom in a teenager. 
Ten years later you sift through the memories and memorabilia and realize you made a loving and lasting impact on each and every life you have touched, and you realise what a wonderful career you have chosen and you have always been there to share those special moment with your own children too.

Do you think Childminding is the career for you? Have you something to add, perhaps you would like to post it on the notice boards. 

If you would like more information about childminding visit http://www.ncma.org.uk or watch out for further articles.

Helen Renouf
Registered Childminder (NNEB) 

These pictures have been taken with thanks to the New Forest Childminding Group and Network – more information is available from caroline@newforestnetwork.ndo.co.uk 

under5s - pros and cons of childminding
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