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under5s - painting
a). String Painting

Use a short stiff piece of string as a 'brush' on the paper.

Use a long coiling piece of string with clothes peg on end as handle. Coil in a small dish of paint.

Fold paper in half and coil string inside it. Apply gentle pressure on top and pull string gently out.

b). Sand, salt or sawdust

Children paint pictures on paper using clear glue (cellulose adhesive). 

Using sand, salt or sawdust in a shaker (which can be made from a plastic container) shake sand, salt or sawdust over the picture - then tip the surplus into a box in the centre of the table. This gives a 'textured picture' effect.

c) Wax resist.

Warm a candle or wax crayon slightly (e.g. On a radiator).

The children draw with this and then paint over the drawing with a very pale wash of colour. 

If this is done with a candle it is like 'magic' painting, as the original drawing 'magically' appears.

OR use brown wrapping paper or greaseproof paper to draw on, with a finger dipped in

cooking-oil. Allow 'oil' picture to set, then wash over with paint.

d) Finger painting

Use a cold water paste (NOT with fungicide)

Spread paste over sugar paper.

Have small dishes of ready mixed paint and teaspoons (or paint in squeezy bottles) ready.

Sprinkle several colours over paste - then mix with fingers or a comb.

Dry powder paint can be sprinkled on in the same way.

OR mix cold water paste and powder paint to give a deep rich colour.

Let children crayon thickly all over a piece of thick paper using different colours. 

The quickest way is to use the side of wax crayon. 

Cover the whole sheet with the paste. 

The children can then draw on the paste with fingers and the crayoning will show through.

under5s - painting
home > painting