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Pictures of mums to print off and colour in...
or ask the children to draw a picture of themselves with their own mum or carer.

Click here for a teapot template

This excellent idea was submitted by Beverley Harrold 

A Mother's Day gift / card all in one.

What you need

A teapot template
Scissors and crayons/felt tips etc.
A teabag

What you do

Cut out a card in the shape of a teapot. Let the children decorate this and help to cut out, if able. 

Pin the teabag on the inside, with a message to relax on Mother's Day. 

Super Talc Dispenser Craft

What you need

Empty Pringles tube
Scissors, sellotape and glue

What you do

Back the Pringles tube with the paper.Then get the children to stick or colour on the paper. (Gail's doing a collage and smiley faces with bobbly eyes). Then pour the talc inside, seal the top with sellotape and make small holes in the lid!!

Nice to receive and easy for the children to complete.

This great gift idea was submitted by Gail 

Or how about a nice bunch of daffs !!

Here's some to just colour in, or cut out and use as the cover for a Mother's Day card.

Click here

Scented bath crystals
What  you need
Material and ribbon
Tissue paper
Hole punch

To make bath crystals
(this is enough for 20 'portions')
4 x packets of epsom salts
2 miniature cooks bottle of glycerine
4 tablespoons of unwanted perfume
couple of drops of food colouring

What you do
  • Cut 6" circle out of material. 
  • Using hole punch  make holes around edge of material. 
  • Thread ribbon through holes leaving enough to try a bow.
  • Cut 6" circles of tissue paper. 
  • Place a couple of circles of tissue paper on top of one circle of material.

To make bath crystals

Mix epsom salts with glycerine....stir well....add perfume....stir well...add food colouring...stir well.

Place a couple of tablespoons of bath crystal in centre of tissue /material circles and carefully pull the two ends of ribbons until a purse type pouch is formed. Tie a bow. 

Add a gift card. Ours read....

Scented Bath Salts

These were made at playgroup
by my own fair hand
a perfect gift for a perfect mum
the best in all the land

lots of love from


Children can watch the crystals change colour, smell the perfume etc. a great idea and lots of fun.

Submitted by Sandy Skilton  Kingswear Playgroup Devon

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