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The Department of Education's very own web site. Useful for detailed policy information and guidance for parents on choosing childcare and early years education in the UK.
A charitable organisation involved with early years education. 
the qualifications and curriculum authority
Find out about the Foundation Stage - the new name for preschool education in the UK, here. The latest guidance is out now, read the extracts on our home page.
reggio emilia
Reggio Emilia, a small town in politically stable, prosperous Northern Italy, has become an international focus of interest for educationalists working with young children. There is no Reggio Emilia website as such but the University of Illinois has an excellent early years research site (see below) containing details of the Reggio approach.
university of illinois
The Clearing House of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at the University of Illinois is a superb research resource containing information and links about various approaches to early years education. Supported by the US  Department of Education.
ACA is a national membership organisation embracing all professionals working in children's arts. They are dedicated to the promotion, development and celebration of all disciplines of creative and performing arts for children.
national family daycare association of australia
Want to know how childcare is organised 'down under' ? Then this is the site for you. The site contains excellent information about the way in which childcare is organised in Australia.
under5s - approaches to early years education
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