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This site contains hundreds of free lesson plans and other resources. The content is aimed at the American educational system primary age and above but you may find some of the ideas are transferable.
A subscription based site which contains a wealth of resources and links to other sites. However it is primarily aimed at Keystages 1 and 2
educate the children
This site is dedicated to primary education, and has zones for parents and teachers. It is part of the Schoolsnet education network.
teaching ideas
A UK based site aimed at primary school teachers but it does contain links to some early years information, including us !!
family education network
An American site containing useful information and interactive communication tools to help busy parents help their children succeed. Includes quizzes, polls, discussion groups and articles on parenting and education subjects. Also includes a network of local school Web sites, with school calendars and community-level info enabling parent-school connection.
click teaching
Clickteaching is an online resource database to support schools and teachers. The site offers a great range of  free worksheets, lesson plans and activity ideas. This UK based site is written by and for primary teachers.
Can over 600,000 users a month possibly be wrong, I don't think so. The UK's no.1 education site (in their own words) has a comprehensive links section which is searchable. We are listed twice, and get 4 stars once, hurray!!! I don't like the garish block colours though.
This is the first site I have visited based in Mauritius, it's amazing how you can just pop around the world! This site is part of the Upto10 group of sites (see our educational resources page) and contains over 1,000 links to sites suitable for kids aged up to 10. Over 5,000 sites have been visited personally by Vish, the Editor, and the best selected here, a great added feature is that you can also rate the sites yourself.
A website listing educational and government links. Edulinks was set up by Stuart Fawbert, a teacher, to help his colleagues in his Local Education Authority to find relevant websites more easily. Now it is being used as a shortcut by many more people. Try it out.
education and government
This site is edited by Stuart Fawcett and contains a wealth of  links to other education sites.
An excellent site with hundreds of links all of which are catergorised into age groups. One of the best links sites I have visited and particularly good for parents
bbc online
There are some excellent resources and information available from this site, but did you know it also has over 3000 links.
A great American (Chicago,Illinois) based website run by David Levin, which contains a wealth of links to other educational sites all reviewed by David and awarded the coveted 'Chilli' and 'Cool' scores.
A US based educational sites search engine which also offers free e:mail, web pages and software. I have visited the site and I have now tried the search engine, and very good it is.
This site is a part of the guardian unlimited group of sites which in turn are part of The Guardian newspaper group. Here you will find a really well organised  list of links, all of which have been reviewed and include the reviewers comments. Excellent for both teachers and parents.
Another UK site supporting primary education, this time with photocopiable worksheets for history (keystage 2). There are some very good free samples which you can download and use.
computer books for teachers - technology lessonplans and downloadable computer books
Another American site, this one sells what it says.
under5s - general education
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