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under5s - harvest festival
Harvest Festival dates from pagan times and gives thanks for a successful harvest. Great feasts were held in celebration of good harvests.

In modern times children take food to school or church to give to the less fortunate.

Organise your own collection of food and make a display, like the one in the picture. Or use plasticine and playdo to make food shapes. Click here to see the bigger picture

Why not ask the children to draw their favourite food. Ask them where they think food items come from, for example milk, bread, eggs, crisps, fruit and vegetables. Click here for half a dozen eggs 

A delicious harvest soup

Why not make a vegetable soup to celebrate the harvest. Chop up some vegetables e.g. potatoes, carrots, leeks etc. Put the chopped vegetables into a pan of boiling water. The amount of water depends on how you prefer your soup i.e. thick or runny. Finally add a vegetable stock cube. Leave to simmer until the vegetables are soft, allow to cool a little and serve with some crusty bread. 

Sarah tried this with her nursery class and they enjoyed it so much that they are doing it again !! 

Show the children pictures of food and ask them to name them, here are some food items to print off and get you started. They are in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them. Don't forget to click the back button on your browser bar to return to this page.

Don't forget our PDF count and colour food worksheets

One Apple

Two Bananas

Three Pumpkins

Four Grapefruit

Five Strawberries

Six Carrots

Seven Pears

Eight Ice Creams

Nine Lemons

Ten Bunches of Grapes

Or how about some fun food and drink pictures to colour in
under5s - harvest festival
home > harvest festival