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Early Learning Games - Shapes
Here is a simple computer game to play at home and in your setting. The game is suitable for all ages !! But is ever are designed for the under5s.

This game enables small children to learn to use a computer and mouse in an enjoyable and fun way.

Use the mouse to colour in the shapes, count the number of shapes that you colour as you go along. 

Simple but fun. Children learn to use the computer and mouse and to recognise shapes and count up to ten.

Technical Stuff

  • To play our games you need Internet Explorer or Netscape 6 as your browser.
  • The games have sound so make sure your speakers are turned on !
  • The games are written in Flash so you will need to be able to run flash software, but don't worry the software checks this for you

  • If you have a pop-up blocker this may need to be disabled

    Click on the image below to launch the game

Click here to launch Colour and Count Shapes

under5s - early learning games - shapes
home> early learning games - shapes