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Make your own dominoes

A simple, but really great activity, which contributes to a range of learning areas 
- submitted by Jackie Roberson

What you need

  • Black paper or card
  • White gummed paper (or use glue to stick non gummed paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
What you do
  • Cut the black paper or card into rectangles
  • Cut out small round circles from the white paper (This can be pre prepared by an adult or encourage the children to draw and cut out the circles, dependant on their age and ability)
  • With the children count and stick 1 to 6 circles on each end of the rectangle 
  • Stick a strip of white paper across the middle of the rectangle to separate the two ends
  • Make enough dominoes to play a game, but make sure you repeat the same number of circles on a few so some dominoes will match
Jackie says...

This activity can promote so many areas of learning - creativity, maths, language, and physical (small motor movements). It can also promote knowledge and understanding, by discussing the materials the dominoes are made out of, as well as independence, through the use of cutting skills, and differentiation, by making more dominoes and increasing the number of dots up to six, and of course by playing the game.


We made some giant dominoes with A4 black card and super sized dots, great for little hands
Click here for a page of circles to print and cut out - DOMINO DOTS -

under5s - dominoes
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