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Thank you to all the people who have contributed pictures of their displays...

Elmer the Elephant

Kinbrace Nursery, Scotland

The Giant Turnip

Heather Howes

The Great Fire of London

Follifoot Infant Class

The Isle of Struag

Follifoot Infant Class

Space Shapes

Heather Howes

Just email pictures of your displays to mail@under5s.co.uk

Please ensure you enclose your name and address and permission for us to display your photographs. Please submit your photographs in jpg format and compress your files. 

If you have photo editor software you will be able to do this. If not then you can post the photographs to us (copies please as we cannot return any originals) and we will scan them and put them in the correct format.

You can post your photos to

PO Box 137
West Yorkshire
LS29 7AH

Again please enclose your name and address and permission to display your photographs on the Under5s website

under5s - displays
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