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Personal, social and emotional development Communication, language and literacy Mathematical development
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Activity Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Activity Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Take turns/share fairly

Snack time


- coloured treats

- fruit

Interacting with others Colours around us

- speaking and listening

Using number names accurately

Willingly attempt to count

Balloon colour board game

Ladybird dominoes

Working as a part of a group Co-operate with simple matching activities Listening to stories with increasing attention and recall Books - colourful animal books

Elephant frog

Monkey mice

Fish bear

Sorting and counting - separate 3/4 objects Sorting for colour - equipment
Developing respect for your own culture Discussing 'best' clothes (special colours) for special events/occasions Building up vocabulary Coloured dice game

- roll dice, taking turns, name colour

Using positional language

Talking about and recreating simple patterns

Threading colour cotton reels - sequence and pattern making
Understanding that people have different cultures and beliefs Candles 

- bring light and colour to our lives

- display of candle holders and coloured candles 

Listening with enjoyment

Responding to stories

'Elmer the Elephant' by David McKee, and photocopy patchwork elephant Counting up to 3/4 objects and saying number names Colour match express game - match bear to truck
Selecting and using resources independently Favourite colours

E.g. crayons

Listening to others Discussion about 'Winnie the Witch' story Talk about shape/colour

Talk about positional language

Colour clothes line -

Sorting and hanging dolls clothes, sorting into colour groups


Showing interest and enjoyment in cultural and religious differences

Food rituals

- special foods at religious festivals

Extending vocabulary 'Maisy's Colours'

- colour names

Counting and sorting leaves Leaf sorting - for colour

Make leaf rubbings

    Beginning to experiment with language

Using vocabulary focussed on objects

'Roll the cube' game

- language development

- colour identification

Sorting and counting Make a chart of door colours
    Extending vocabulary 'Lollipops for sale' game

- language development

'Colour game song'

- colour identification

Ordering items into pairs Matching socks - finding 2 the same
    Vocabulary (maths) number song Colour songs

- 'Rainbow Song'

- '10 Green Bottles'

Counting objects Counting sets of different colour objects 
    Beginning to use more complex sentences 'What's missing' game

- colour identification

'What's in my bag' game

- colour identification

Counting objects, attempting to count with the same numbers in the correct order 10 Green Bottles
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Knowledge and understanding of the world Physical development Creative development
Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Activity Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Activity Stepping Stone/
Early Learning Goal
Investigating objects and materials, using senses.

Examining objects and living things

Looking at the colour of fruit and vegetables

Searching for colours in the environment

Manipulating objects Threading cards/shoelaces - motor skills Exploring what happens when mixing colours Mixing colours
Investigating objects and materials, using senses. Examining objects and living things What happens to white yoghurt when colour is added Moving in a range of ways.

Can stop

Musical statues

2 groups with coloured bands

Children whose colour is called freeze, the other children keep moving

Choosing particular colours to use for a purpose Sponge painting with colour on large shapes -

Triangles, circles, squares of paper etc.

Performing simple functions on ICT apparatus ICT colour match game - using basic IT skills and following instructions Learning to control movement Organise into two teams

Kick a ball into goal when colour group called

Choosing particular colours to use for a purpose Door colours - door shapes (with numbers on for each child) - paint door the correct colour
Sorting objects

Using imagination

Small World

Play with colour cars, lorries and vans etc. Brio train set

Manage body to create intended movements Moving like animals - relate big movements/small movements to different size animals Understanding that different media can be combined Balloons - cut and stick shiny pieces onto balloon shapes, attach ribbon/string for display
Joining construction pieces together to build and balance Construction with colour bricks - duplo/wooden bricks

Construction with Mobilo

Moving freely with pleasure and confidence

Using imagination

Dance Working creatively on a small or large scale Fruit prints (and fruit vocabulary sheet)
Showing an awareness of change Dissolving colour jellies

Put pieces of fruit in a bowl and add jelly

Using movement to express feelings Attach crepe paper streamers to paint brushes - move carefully around the room to music, holding brushes high  Making constructions with colour Tissue paper flowers on sticks - put in plant pots with plasticine to hold stick
Talking about what is seen and what is happening Making festival sweets

- awareness of cultures

    Pencil control, using lines to enclose a space Leaf templates to draw around and colour in
Constructing with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources Making models of elephants/dinosaurs or other animals and paint them     Experimenting to create different textures Pasta patterns on card with glue, use coloured pasta or dip pasta shapes in water coloured with food colouring to dye
Using simple tools and techniques Design and technology - making 'jewellery' with bottle tops, beads and macaroni     Working creatively on a large/small scale Create rainbow pictures using roller sponges
        Trying to capture experiences and responses with music and dance Music

Move bodies like animals, think about the colour of an animal, accompany with musical instruments

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