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Welcome to the Under5s Chinese New Year page...

Below we have depicted all the characters of the Chinese Zodiac. This year, 2009, it is the Year of the Ox. You can print off each of the characters to colour in and make your own Chinese Zodiac wall display. Or why not have a Chinese theme for snack time - cook some noodles and use chopsticks to eat them with !!

Happy New Year

Chinese Zodiac
2002 Year of the 
2003 Year of the Sheep
2004 Year of the Monkey
2005 Year of the Rooster

2006 Year of the 
2007 Year of the 
2008 Year of the 
2009 Year of the 

2010 Year of the Tiger
2011 Year of the Rabbit
2012 Year of the 
2013 Year of the Snake

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Chinese New Year Activity and Practice sheets

Here is a selection of pdf activity and practice sheets featuring characters from the Chinese Zodiac.

Match the animals | Count & Colour #1 | Count & Colour #2 | Pencil Control

Make chinese lanterns

You will need 2 pieces of thin A4 sized coloured card, 2 sheets of A4 sized coloured paper, scissors and a glue stick.

Click here to get a diagram to print out. LANTERN
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1. Cut each piece of card lengthways into 4 equal strips, to make 8 strips.
2. Fold 6 strips in half (A,B,C and E,F,G), cut the remaining two in half and fold these halves in half (D and H).
3. Form two strips e.g. B & C and F & G into squares
4. Apply glue to one side of the small strips (D & H) and use to secure the corners of each square.

You should now have 2 cardboard squares.

5. Fold the 2 pieces of A4 paper in half and cut along the fold, to create 4 pieces of A5 sized paper.
6. Let the children decorate the paper with pictures of dragons and snakes and chinese style writing.
7. Put the 4 pieces of paper together and fold concertina fashion, keeping the folds relatively narrow.
8. Separate the paper and rearrange to ensure the folds are going in the same direction.
9. Apply glue to the inside of the top fold of one piece of paper and stick it to the outside rim of one of the cardboard squares. Apply glue to the inside of the bottom fold of the paper and stick it to the rim of the other cardboard square.
10. Repeat step 9 for the other 3 pieces of paper.
11. Glue the ends of the remaining cardboard strips together to form a long handle and glue this to the top of the lantern.

Now you should have a square chinese lantern !!

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