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under5s - capacity

Set of plastic milk bottles/containers, various sizes.
Set of plastic measuring spoons and set of ladles. Set of funnels. 
Single Duplo brick/Double Duplo brick


Children play freely with the different containers, pouring from one to another.


Can you fill the container to the top, brim - overflowing, full.  Can you fill two containers which are:-

a)  The same 
b)  different

Which container holds:-

a)  The least 
b)  the same 
c)  the most

Which is:-

a)  The easiest way to fill the container
b)  The hardest
c)  The fastest
d)  The slowest.



a) holding same capacity in different shapes (e.g. 1 litre)
b) Same capacity looking alike
c) Different capacities but looking similar
d) different capacities looking dissimilar.  Jugs.


(1) Fill one container and empty it into containers which look the same.

(2)  As 1, but containers which hold more.

(3)  As 1 and 2 but with similar shape and capacity.

(4)  Using 1 litre containers pouring from one into another.


Full - means you cannot get any more liquid into it.
Empty - means you cannot pour anything out of the container.
Is it full?  Can you empty anything out?


Home corner, tea pot and cups.


Pouring water into cups.


How many cups of water does the tea-pot hold?  Can you fill each cup half full?


Have the water coloured yellow in the tea pot, add a 'milk jug' containing green coloured water. 
Put green water from jugin the cup first then add yellow water - watch the colour change.
Arrange a tea party - how many people coming?  How many cups?
How many tea-pots will we need?

Watering can - bucket.

Watering flowers and plants

under5s - capacity
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