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Under5s is the site for everyone involved in pre-school education and childcare; teachers, nursery nurses, students, child minders, nannies, and of course, parents. We believe that pre-school is the most important stage for learning; positive experiences provided at this time having a lifelong influence. We also believe that education should be fun, and actively encourage learning through play.

Under5s has been reviewed by the NGfL and has been approved as a part of the National Grid for Learning, see the NGfL site for more information.

Who are we ?

The site has been created by Sarah and John Hampson to provide free learning resources, practical information and help on all aspects of education for the under fives. Sarah is a mother of two, and a qualified early years teacher who has worked in both the state and private sector. Until recently Sarah ran her own sessional daycare setting, so all of the materials on the site are 'tried and tested'. John provides technical and artistic support !!

This site

Under5s is designed to be simple and quick to use. All of the free learning resources can be downloaded directly to your computer for you to print out. (Terms and Conditions apply)

The site is updated regularly with new resources, features and reviews etc. So why not save browsing time and register with us, we will e-mail you each time we update the site. 

Contributions welcome !!

If you would like to contribute to the site please feel free to do so, we are particularly looking for activity ideas and example worksheets. Full acknowledgment will be given for all contributions.

Visiting from across the globe

We are also pleased to hear from colleagues and parents from across the globe. It can be very informative to compare education systems and practices between countries. So please don't hesitate to let us know what is happening in your part of the world.

under5s - about this site
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