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Supporting Early Years Education for Teachers and Parents
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EYFS Planning and more...
You will find lots of planning that will support the 
NEW 2013 Early Years Foundation Stage 
at the new Under5s website, just click here

Early Learning Activities & Games
Alphabet | Numbers | Shapes | Pencil Control | Counting | Matching | Spot the Difference | Colouring Fun | Farmyard Pairs
Colour and Count Shapes | Playdo Recipe
Early Years Festivals and Events
Christmas| Chinese New Year | Valentine's Day| Mother's Day | Easter | Father's Day | Grandparent Day |
Harvest Festival | Autumn | Halloween | Spring | Minibeasts | Holi | Diwali | Wesack | Hanukkah | Goldilocks | Ourselves|
The Outdoor Environment | Bonfire Night | Colours
Early Learning Rhymes and Songs
Five Little Caterpillars | Ten Green Bottles | Old McDonald's Counting Song | Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Five Little Speckled Frogs|

Early Learning Resources
Christmas Activities | Introducing IT | Health & Happiness | Shopping | Down on the Farm | Water Play | The Bus Ride | Painting | Printing | Puddles | Newspaper Dolls | Gingerbread PeopleCapacity | Floating & Sinking | Dominoes | Activities for Home (BBC) | Singing Sacks | Activity Packs | Fun with Monkeys | PuppetsDiscovering Potatoes | Fish | Fun with Fruit and Veg | Birthdays
Early Years Information
 Childminding Networks | For families of children with special needs | British Sign Language and Makaton  | Hidden, Special or Additional Needs | Let's Sign with Young People | Living with ADHD | Birth to Three Does Matter | Educating the Under5s at Home | Toddler Groups  | Multicultural Resources on a Budget ! | Childcare Choices | Displays | Childcare Vouchers - A Guide | Tantrums | The Big World on our Doorstep | Children Playing in Safety | The Importance of Play | Accreditation| Pros and Cons of Childminding
Early Years Foundation Stage
Early Years Foundation Stage Planning  | Ofsted Guidance: How to be Outstanding | Early Years Education | The Foundation Stage | Early Learning Goals | ICT | Childcare Policy | What Price Childcare ?  | Selling a New Model | Quality Time|
A Response to Steve Biddulph | The Quiet Revolution | Home Based Child Carers
Early Years Education Links
Sites for Teachers | Best of the Web for Teachers | Sites for Parents | Finding Childcare | Careers in Childcare
Early Years Educational Resources | Special Needs & Children's Health | General Education |
Approaches to Early Years Education | Families and Parents | Early Years Associations | School, Nursery and Childminder Sites |
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